1. Do you do Legal Aid?


No, Chris Archer does not do Legal Aid but will be happy to refer you to a lawyer who does. For

more information on Legal Aid please go to: http://www.legalaid.ab.ca/Pages/default.aspx


2. How much will it cost?


Consultations are free.  As a general rule, Chris Archer works for a variable fee based on the

nature and complexity of the offence.



3. What kind of payment options are there?


We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Draft, and Money Order.



4. Do I need a lawyer to plead guilty?


It is highly recommended that you have Counsel when entering a guilty plea.  As a general rule,

Crown Prosecutors do not like to negotiate with an unrepresented accused.  There are rare cases

where a lawyer present may not be needed, but it is a good idea because we are experienced

negotiators working to ensure you recieve the best possible outcome.



5. What if I live in Calgary but I am being charged with a criminal offence in a different city?


It may be helpful to hire a lawyer in the city which you reside in. As it is much more convenient

to meet with a lawyer close by, travel time and expenses would be significantly cut down. 

If you are charged with an offence out of town, Chris Archer will handle the Court appearances

and hiring of an agent on your behalf.  He will travel throughout Alberta as well as across Canada

to make Court appearances in other jurisdictions. 



6. What kind of cases does Chris Archer handle?


Chris Archer is a criminal lawyer.  This means he will represent you in all matters involving the 

Criminal Code, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Narcotics), Income Tax Act, The

Securities Act (Alberta), The Youth Criminal Justice Act, and the Firearms Act.



7. Do you handle Traffic violations?


Chris Archer does not handle any traffic matters.  However, his office associate Rob Gregory, of

 Gregory Ticket Office, deals with all Traffic Safety Act matters